Rhein-Neckar passenger shipping

Pier: Stadthalle-Kongresshaus
Round trips: daily
Round trips Heidelberg, approx. 40 min

Scheduled services:
daily: Heidelberg-Neckarsteinach-Heidelberg
Sun / Tue / Thu: Heidelberg-Hirschhorn-Heidelberg
Sun / Wed: Heidelberg-Worms-Heidelberg
Thu: Heidelberg-Eberbach-Heidelberg
every 1 + 3. Fri. in the month: Heidelberg-Eberbach-Heidelberg

Also offered are special trips, e.g.

Evening Trips
Candlelight Dinner, Salsa Boat Party, Classic on the River, Riverboat Shuffle

Special trips
Bayrische Neckarfahrt, Dixie River Cruise

Excursion Trips
2-day Neckar cruise ect.

Firework Cruises
Heidelberger Schlossbeleuchtung, fire magic around the Bingerloch, four-castle lighting Neckarsteinach, Rhine in flames ect.

Heidelberg Solarboot
Pier: Old bridge
March to November daily from Tuesday to Sunday
Charter trips all year
Departure times: 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00
Group offers are also available.

Prices and departure times:

Since the departure times change annually, an exact date is not possible.

Prices and departure times are guidelines of the operators. Warranty is not accepted.

E-Mail: info (at) rnf-schifffahrt.de

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