Castle Heidelberg

Probably the most famous castle ruin in the world. There is much more to discover than just a visit to the castle. The “Hortus Palatinus” also invites visitors to the palace gardens.

Heidelberg Castle is the former residence palace of the Palatinate and Electorate of the Rhine.

In the interior of the castle, the large barrel awaits you, which was completed in 1751 and had a capacity of 221,726 liters. Our hotel Perkeo is named after the keeper Perkeo, a dwarf from Tyrol, only about one meter in size but weighing 100 kg. He had to drink 15 bottles of wine every day, otherwise he would be whipped. Since his childhood, he has only taken wine as a drink. When he fell ill, his doctor urgently advised him not to go to the wine and recommend him water instead. A day later he died.

But also the pharmacy museum is an absolute must.

The guided tours take place daily in German as well as in English.

Opening hours: daily from 08:00 to 17:30
Group tours / special tours are possible by appointment.

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