Sehenswertes in Heidelberg

University Museum / Old Auditorium
Location: Old University, Grabengasse 1
Opening hours:
April to September Tue-Sun. 10-18
October Di.-So. 10-16 o’clock
November to March Tue.-Sa. 10-16
closed on Monday

The student carter used to serve as a prison for unsuccessful students. Today he is part of the Student Museum of the Old University of Heidelberg. Frequently, students of the many student associations living here in Heidelberg sat down and immortalized themselves by the numerous colorful paintings on the walls.

Location: Augustinergasse 2
Opening hours:
April to September Tue-Sun 10-18
October Tue-Sun 10-16
November – March Tue-Sat 10-16
closed on Monday

University library
Location: Plöck 107-109, in the corridors of the UB and in the exhibition room
Opening hours:
Building is open to the general opening hours the whole week freely, Manesseraum and exhibition room Mon to Sun 10-18 clock, holidays closed

House to the knight
The Haus zum Ritter, built in 1592, is the oldest surviving house in Heidelberg. It is now under monument protection and is run as a hotel. Even 300 years ago it served as an inn. It is located in the middle of Heidelberg’s Old Town, opposite the Heiliggeistkirche church.

Old bridge
real name: Karl-Theodor-Brücke

It was built in 1788 under Elector Karl Theodor. It was built on the foundations of a total of eight predecessors. It connects the old town with the opposite Neckarufer. Today it is one of the most famous sights in Heidelberg and is mainly used as a pedestrian bridge. The Brückentor, which is located at the southern end of the bridge, is a wonderful sight.

The Philosophenweg is about two kilometers long. It leads from the district of Neuenheim to the Heiligenberg. It is located opposite Heidelberg Castle on the other side of the Neckar. You can also reach the Philosophenweg via the Schlangenweg. Only the Old Bridge has to be crossed. It offers a beautiful view over the entire Old Town of Heidelberg, the Königstuhl and the castle. During a walk you can also discover many exotic plants in the philosopher’s garden.

Lower street
The lower street is the “Kneipenmeile” in the Old Town of Heidelberg and runs parallel to the main street (shopping street / pedestrian zone).

Holy Spirit Church
In the middle of the old town, on the market square stands the largest and most important church in Heidelberg, the Heiliggeistkirche. The church was built between 1398 and 1515. It served as a grave of the electors of the Palatinate. The Church of the Holy Spirit is also known as the site of the Bibliotheca Palatina. In the Heidelberg University Library, unfortunately, only a small proportion of the formerly 5000 books and 3524 manuscripts can be found.

Peter Church
The church of St. Peter is the oldest church in the Old Town of Heidelberg. Since 1896 it is the university church. Since the Late Middle Ages it has served as a university chapel. It was built in the 12th century and is thus even older than Heidelberg. It served as a parish church of the city of Heidelberg. Many professors were buried in her.

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